Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cheer Up, Buttercup!

If this blog is going to be a true reflection of me, then I have to be honest.  Honestly, today I'm feeling a bit blue about my guest blog post on Chic & Green.  It wasn't EXACTLY how I envisioned it appearing. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. It was NOT perfect. I tried to correct it but I'm still feeling a little down in the dumps. I may have just the remedy for this yucky feeling! Let me know if it cheers you up too!

How in the heck can I not smile when this little lover is waiting to
give me all the puppy kisses I can stand?

The Beautiful Project's card promises better days, Good things will happen card, $4.

Did you know Bergamot essential oil is known to be an uplifting scent? Receiving Capricorn Soap Company's Bergamot~Graperfruit luxury gift collection, $33.75 would certainly boost my spirits!

This sweet 8x10 print, $15 from The Wheatfield is sure to inspire a smile or two!

My favorite season is captured perfectly in this 5x7 print entitled,
 Leaf Harvest Road, $15 by Country Dreaming.

A wise friend suggested that if all else fails, there's always chocolate!!!
The Sante Fe Sampler dark chocolate gift box. $24.95
from The Chocolate Smith is sure to melt away my blog worries!

Ooops! Here's what was missing on my Chic & Green guest post

Being new to blogging, I made a few mistakes when sending Karley my guest post for Chic & Green. Uggggh!!!! You missed out on seeing some of the pretty pictures. I can fix that! Please forgive my rookie mistakes :)


I consider myself a handmade addict in general but a handmade soap addict in particular. I think John from Nature's Edge Farm  would have to agree! He recently referred to me as a "connoisseur of scents". I think that's his polite way of saying I'm a "soap hoarder"! Eh, what the heck, it's true. I have a quite a substantial stash of soap!

Beehive Yourself is palm oil free. It contains locally sourced honey and is pleasantly
scented with lemongrass essential oil, $4 from Nature's Edge Farm

 Also from Nature's Edge Farm,watermelon herb granita 
foaming sugar scrub sounds perfect for late summer, $11 for 12 oz. jar

When I want to give a special baby shower gift, Michigan-based Peanut Tree Designs   is the shop I consitently turn to for baby blankets that both beautiful and functional.


Poppies chenille and flannel baby blanket  reminds me of a midsummer's day, 36x36, $32

Another Michigan shop, ellembee, sells sumptious screenprinted tees in a variety of chic patterns. 

I'm the proud owner of this Vintage Damask tee, $32

I'd **like** be the owner of a Burnout Blues tee, $34

Sorry once again for the flubs! 

Have a wonderful day,