Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cheer Up, Buttercup!

If this blog is going to be a true reflection of me, then I have to be honest.  Honestly, today I'm feeling a bit blue about my guest blog post on Chic & Green.  It wasn't EXACTLY how I envisioned it appearing. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. It was NOT perfect. I tried to correct it but I'm still feeling a little down in the dumps. I may have just the remedy for this yucky feeling! Let me know if it cheers you up too!

How in the heck can I not smile when this little lover is waiting to
give me all the puppy kisses I can stand?

The Beautiful Project's card promises better days, Good things will happen card, $4.

Did you know Bergamot essential oil is known to be an uplifting scent? Receiving Capricorn Soap Company's Bergamot~Graperfruit luxury gift collection, $33.75 would certainly boost my spirits!

This sweet 8x10 print, $15 from The Wheatfield is sure to inspire a smile or two!

My favorite season is captured perfectly in this 5x7 print entitled,
 Leaf Harvest Road, $15 by Country Dreaming.

A wise friend suggested that if all else fails, there's always chocolate!!!
The Sante Fe Sampler dark chocolate gift box. $24.95
from The Chocolate Smith is sure to melt away my blog worries!


Capricorn Soap Company said...

Awww shucks! Now I'm blushing! Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!!


Deanna said...

You bet! This will be the first of many!

Have a great evening,

Nature's Edge Herb Farm said...

No one would have known! Thanks for doing the update though. The important thing is that you did the guest spot...just a little hiccup that's all! Another day, another blog entry :o)

Deanna said...

Nature's Edge Farm,
You know how it is when something is quite up to par! It was driving me batty. At least I fixed it somewhat & got in another blog entry out of the day... :)

Have a nice evening,

Christy on the Craggy Moor said...

Yep, you covered all the essential happiness bases in my book!! (especially autumn and sweet puppy friends!! Oh, and chocolate and good smelling lotion. :0)

Tomorrow will be better! Hugs to you!!

CountryDreaming said...

Thank you for featuring my autumn image from down in the Hocking Hills of Southern Ohio. It's nice to meet you, Deanna, and get acquainted with your friendly blog!

Thanks for sharing this list of your favorite happy things, it sure gives me a smile. What absolutely grabs my attention in your embarrassingly rich assortment of goodies is far and away the chocolate!!! The Sante Fe Sampler dark chocolate gift box, for sure.

Deanna said...

Country Dreaming,
You are most welcome. I love that gorgeous autumn scene! I certainly hope you stop back often!

Have a lovely day,

p.s. chocolate is always an attention getter!