Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Potpourri of Pretty

I feel like part of my brain is still in Christmas mode while another is thinking New Year's and changing seasons.  My selection of "pretty things" seems a bit disjointed. I just wanted you to know that I'm aware of my seemingly odd selection.

Are you feeling this way too?

This weekly planner, $25 from  Lily Jane Stationery caught my eye!

 But so did this red tinsel string, $6 for 18 feet from Vintage Handmade by julie collings

Wouldn't this white statement necklace, $39.99 from
 Nueva Espana look so lovely on New Year's Eve?

Oddly, this autumn necklace entitled, Melody of Fall, $45
from Beauty Spot still appeals to me this time of year.

Browsing today, I couldn't help but stop and pause to gaze at these vintage
green Polish ornaments, $14.75 for one dozen.  They just ooze old-school charm!
Stop by Oodles and Oodles to view more of their vintage eye candy goodness! 

I love the saying on this nifty little pin from Beanforest, $1.
This sentiment is season less!

Have a cozy Wednesday evening all,