Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let the deals begin.....

Everyone knows that Friday is in official start to holiday shopping. I have a few deals to share with you to get a head start on the Black Friday Madness. On Saturday posted about a fantastic product called Boot Buffers.

Boot Buffers shared a great 2fer deal with me.
Two pairs of Boot Buffers for $30.

 If you're extra, super nice to me, I'll let you in on another deal.........{is that you, being super nice.......thought so}.......Joan shared a super special coupon code with moi.  

use the coupon code "LOVEMYBOOTS" to get 10% off, starting immediately!

Be on the look out for more deals from some of my other favorite HANDMADE shops!

If you know of some great shopping deals, share the love either here in the comments section or on
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