Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Be an informed consumer of health and beauty products

As I continue my own journey toward cleaner living, I find cosmeticsdatabase  to be an excellent resource. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the rating scale is from 0 to 10 with 0 being the least hazardous to your health.  I invite you to search some of your current health and beauty products.  A word of warning, products that you **think** are safe and "natural" may not be. Try not to "freak out"!  If you do choose to transition to safer products, do so at a manageable pace! And by all means, don't throw all your products in the garbage or down the drain. In September I'll discuss the way to properly dispose of unused beauty products and medications. At this moment, I have a whole collection of said products that need to go to their final resting place.


Capricorn Soap Company said...

I used to use an OTC facial cream that was "100% natural" and after I started reading ingredients I saw it contained all sorts of yuckies that aren't found anywhere near nature! thanks for sharing!

Deanna said...

It's so frustrating to see products labeled "natural" and even "organic" only to find out those are half truths! Many companies are cashing in big by using keywords and phrases in advertising while at the same time using cheap, questionable and often harmful ingredients! That's why it's SO important to know your stuff and not get swayed by advertising!

Karley said...

I am doing a review of a "natural" product I was sent to try that has a label that made me cringe so much I refused to try the product...

One thing that bugs me too is on websites that tag their items "all natural" for search engines. So many people on handmade sites do this. If you read the labels and see parabens and propylene glycol, it is not all natural--but to people who aren't aware of this, they may buy it since they put "all natual" in the search query.

Deanna said...

I totally agree about the way websites tag their products. What makes matters even worse is when they don't list the ingredients for a product. I won't buy from a website or online boutique if I can't read the full listing of ingredients.

What is the name of that book you blogged about late last week? I'm itching to read it!

Have a lovely evening,